Buckskinners Camp


Step into the 1800’s and experience of life of the Buckskinner’s at the 2017 Frontier Days in Fort Dodge, Iowa. The encampment is complete with “Traders Row” which fires the imagination of what it must have been like in that era. There is entertainment, demonstrations, and seminars on a variety of “life as it was” skills which will give young and old a deeper appreciation of the challenges and dangers that were faced and overcome. Tomahawk and knife demonstrations, mountain-man storytelling, and musicians are all part of this annual “Buckskinner” tradition at Frontier Days, held at the Fort Museum and Frontier Village in Fort Dodge.

There will be over 15 different Buckskinner camps. Each Buckskinner’s will dress in period costumes and play the part to give a real understanding and feel to the whole encampment, and as you explore your way through “Traders Row”, you will have plenty of opportunity to bring home that special souvenir.

If you are interested in demonstrating your craft and in trading you may contact Robert (Pinky) McCall at 515-293-0897 to be part of this long standing tradition.