Kids and Student Entertainment for Frontier Days 2017

Right now you can be a part of the planning for the kids – student games and entertainment for the 2017 Frontier Days. A subcommittee is being set up to focus on these areas, and your creativity and your hands on experience will help improve our offerings for the kids and students. It takes year around planning to add new ideas and line up entertainment for the specific weekend of Frontier Days. Just fill out the contact information below and a games committee member will contact you and provide more information or answer any of your questions.

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What did those kids do in the 1800’s?

Frontier Days primary mission is to share the history of the settling of the area in the 1800’s which is the “First Frontier” as we know it, up to “Today’s Frontier “ through a wide range of artisans, historical displays , acts or events during the weekend celebration.

One of our goals right now is to find volunteers: to help research, find or make games that children of the early 1800’s played in school, at their home outside in the summer, or during the long Iowa winters in side their cabin or home. Then this group on the entertainment committee will offer those games during the 2017 Frontier Days for kids of all ages to enjoy and be challenged by in some cases.

Let’s think about it, there was no electricity, and no lap tops or cell phones. What did kids do? How did kids learn themselves to have fun with their family when the nearest homestead could be five miles away? Those are a few questions that this group can look into. You, your kids and or grandparents might have great ideas and know about some of the games from that time period and by you joining in and being a part of the entertainment committee, hundreds can enjoy the learning and fun of your work and efforts.

Please be sure to fill out the form above and be a part of the fun for 2017!

The Frontier Days for 2017 wants to have a great line up of kid’s games and entertainment, and you can make a difference by helping be a part of that.

Thank you, we hope to hear from you.
The 2017 Frontier Days Committee

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