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2014 Frontier Days Parade Awards Results

2013 Frontier Days Parade Awards Results

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2014 Frontier Days Parade Awards Results

Good Morning: on Saturday June 7tht, over 150 entries took place in this year’s parade, with over 900 people making up those entries. It looked like possible rain, but that was not the weather of the day as thousands of parade watchers helped celebrate the parade on Central Avenue in downtown Fort Dodge. This was the 40 th. Annual Frontier Days parade and the entry’s continue to show originality, support for their cause or mission and for a great amount of fun. Many entries were cheered for, with clapping and shout outs as the fun went on for over 15 blocks by the crowd of 6,000 to 8,000 people.

The theme for 2014 was:

“Thank you for your service”

The parade awards are being announced in this press release and there will be an “Awards and Volunteer Get Together “ in the next two weeks, with information on that event to be posted on the website and emails sent to the registered entry email.

On behalf of the entire Frontier Days Committee, we thank the most important “Parade Guides” – our new addition to the Frontier Days Parade in 2014 where over 55 people who represented their entry by helping guide, protect and serve our children. To the team of volunteers who wear Event Staff shirts who many are in their 4th. or 5th year of helping as Kerk Friday brings that group to take on any challenges that may arise. And for the 15 CERT Team Members from Hamilton, Humboldt, and Wright Counties for their very effective support and direction in crowd control and added extra key steps to improving safety.

A special thank you to Chon Rushton, the 2014 Parade Coordinator.

And “job well done” – Thank you to Maria Kicklighter of Greater Fort Dodge who recruited the judges of the parade for 2014:

Judges: Kelly Halsted, Sydney Specht, and Lindsay Boeckman. – Way to go judges!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Below are the guidelines used in judging the entry’s:

Judging: Does the Entry?

1) Support the category you are judging them for.

2) Originality

3) Creativity

4) Effort put into the entry

5) Special Consideration


Theme:  “Frontier Days – Thank you for your service”

1st: Grace Lutheran Church
2nd: Moose Lodge – Fort Dodge
3rd: Fort Frenzy

1st: Community Heath – Fort Dodge
2nd: Badger Lutheran Church

1st: Eagle Grove Chamber of Commerce
2nd: Tuff -N- Nuff Rodeo

1st: Mid Country Machinery
2nd: CJ Bio America

1st: Hollingsworth School of Dance and Gymnastics
2nd: The Cellar Restaurant and Lounge

Thank you,

The 2014 Frontier Days Committee


Download the 2014 Frontier Days Parade Application


10 am – Saturday, June 7th. – Downtown Central Ave. – Fort Dodge

The Frontier Days Committee wants TO INVITE you to attend the 2014 Frontier Days Parade so you can be a part of the excitement of this event that is fun for all ages and brings together thousands of people. This is the showcase parade of Fort Dodge and North Central Iowa for what will be the 40th year, with over 100 plus entries from over one hundred miles away and from many surrounding counties.  Fort Dodge area bands, civic groups, non-profit organizations, clubs and many businesses and individuals will enter the parade.

The theme for the 2014 Frontier Days Parade is:

Thank you for your Service”

For more information go to “Contacts” and send an email as shown.

******Volunteers are needed: We need 60 to 80 parade guides to help along the streets as the parade moves along. You will have an assigned area of say 40 yards and you can help keep those attending safe and have fun. These guides will help from 9am to 12:30 pm on Saturday of the parade. This is very important to all…. As a volunteer you will receive a free wrist band for helping. The wristband is your pass into all three days at the Fort Museum grounds.


2014 Frontier Days Parade Line Up